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Portraits Right is the trading name for our family owned photography company found at https://familyportraitphotography.co.uk. Offering services across weddings, family portrait photography, events and bespoke photographic services. Working across the consumer sector and offering tailor made packages to the social lifestyle market, for families, or individuals. The company ‘Director of photography and video’ Colby, has a wealth of experience in family and corporate photography.

After working with families in the UAE, Singapore, Europe and UK, Colby is more than familiar with the thriving photography market. He and his wife Dawn have a drive to bring out the narrative in any photography brand shoot, the character of a portrait shoot, the uniqueness of a family shoot and the perfect candid moments in documenting any events. We would love to hear back from you with any specific requirements. We are here to assist for any photography or video related shoots you would like us to capture. 

More about our Photographer

Business Owner

I adore the idea of telling stories in art and photography.

Ever since I was a young man, I was quite shy with a bit of an inferiority complex. As a middle child growing up in a single mother family, I was extremely introverted and was far from being a natural born story teller. I was fairly imaginative from a young age though and even with the absence of a father figure in the early years of my life, I created a make believe world where the garden brush was actually my dad! It’s quite funny, but I really looked up to that brush and he completely swept my mum off her feet…. ba dum tsh!

At home in my mum’s photo album, there is a whole two page spread with just me and my mum, then another two page spread with me and a garden brush! Having a son of my own has given me a fresh perspective on what that might have felt like for a young boy, but all in all I had a great upbringing with a loving mum and I think I came out pretty well rounded. Although every now and again, I do still like to browse the garden and outdoor section, when passing by any hardware stores. 

After growing an interest in photography at the young age of 13, I was now able to use this new medium (to me at least) as a way to express myself. Armed with my 35mm film camera, I could now be the confident narrator of my own story and put it out there for the whole world to see. Of course back then, it was much more experimental and a lot of under, or over exposed pictures that were barely in focus. Real story telling came into my photography in later years at university, where I studied contemporary photographic practice. I started looking more into documentary photography and conceptual ideas in images. 

What ever kind of photography it is, from editorial, advertising, documentary photography, to even deeper ideas in conceptual fine art photography. The camera is my tool and it is the way I can communicate a message, how I can even make myself become vulnerable and honest.

We all want to integrate with the world around us and with other individuals, to feel a part of a tribe, a movement, or something. For me photography is the medium I can use to connect fearlessly. I love all kinds of art, but was never an instinctively skilled illustrator.

The medium of the recorded still image has always been the biggest passion for me. From the history of the photographic process with Nicéphore Niépce’s and Louis Daguerre’s serendipitous beginnings, to the more modern digital age in photo-imagery. Photography has always held a great and captivating fascination for me.

The idea of recording a moment in time, whether that be factual documentary photography, or images of dreams and fantasy, just to tell the world a message, or concept, is a truly mind blowing notion for me.

To be given the opportunity of telling other peoples stories is a real passion and privilege.

To have the honour of documenting the lives and stories of my clients as they have special occasions, or business concepts to unravel. Moments like the time when a family has just grown, a wedding, a corporate event, business portraits, or just beautiful memories that need to be recorded. Ultimately any moments that ‘Have to be captured’, this for me is a perfect career choice.